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Kamalzi is a Christian Hip-Hop artist from Kansas City, Missouri. Using his music to share God’s message, the artist strives to reach the lost. His music is encouraging to listeners, supporters, and even new fans. This talent lead him to major achievements, such as being nominated for Best Male Gospel Hip-Hop Artist of 2020 and Top 20 Rising Artists of the Year on The Source.

The rising star has gained the eyes and ears of listeners and fans around the globe, and has been featured on CFN radio show, Hype Magazine, and more.


The public will get even more familiar with Kamalzi from his single feature in the upcoming Hollywood film Under The Stadium Lights, which releases in the near future. Laurence Fishburne, Milo Gibson, and other A-list celebrities star in the highly anticipated film. Kamalzi’s 4 Jehovah proudly reached this milestone, and the artist looks forward to his rise to fame.


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What I Believe

“There is no definitive level to success, each man defines success in his own eyes.” 


—  Kamalzi, Success